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Gas Storage Case Study

Gas Storage Field Expansion Delineation

Bay recently conducted high resolution 2-D and 3-D seismic reflection surveys at the Lodi Gas Storage facility north of LodiI, California to delineate the expansion of the existing gas storage field.  These surveys required high density source and receiver patterns in a highly sensitive agricultural area that complicated the positioning of the source and receiver locations.  Despite these challenges, Bay was able to provide excellent coverage in these areas by employing smaller vibroseis sources that had no impact on agricultural operations during high resolution seismic data acquisition. 

Receiver line placement designed to run between vine rows.


Vibroseis sources designed to run between vine rows.

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For this case study, the principle advantage of the next generation vibroseis sources employed was the smaller size and carbon footprint was optimized for environmentally restricted areas and agricultural impact was reduced by 100%.


Bay’s strategic design of source and receiver patterns as well as the employment of vibroseis sources designed for environmentally sensitive conditions allowed Lodi Gas Storage to receive a superior product as well as strengthening relationships with landowners and tenant farmers.

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