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Real-Time Wireless Seismic Acquisition

In October 2012, Bay acquired the Wireless Seismic RT System 2 seismic acquisition system for the purpose of increasing field operation efficiency for 3-D seismic acquisition.  The Wireless Seismic system is a cable-free acquisition system with real-time data monitoring and recording. 

Unlike “cable-less” systems, the Wireless Seismic system is a real-time data acquisition system with continuous QC and real-time noise monitor.  Real-time data acquisition means no “shooting blind”, no data harvesting/physical data collection and no loss of data due to theft of box.  Essentially it is identical to a distributive cable system but without the limitations of the cables themselves.

Bay President Lee Kurtzweil stated “Bay selected the RT System 2 based upon its reduced seismic footprint and for its real-time seismic data return capabilities.  Another key factor in Bay’s decision to move forward with the RT System 2 is that it can perform real-time acquisition parameter selection and noise monitoring, which are critical capabilities in meeting our QA/QC needs.”  The Wireless System is a significant upgrade to Bay’s seismic acquisition capabilities and sets it apart from its peers.

In January 2013, Bay doubled the number of Wireless Seismic acquisition channels for acquiring 3-D seismic grids.  Since then, Bay has acquired 3-D grids with its Wireless Seismic system enhancing field operations and efficiency while maintaining a superior product for its clients.

      Quick Look

  • Real-time monitoring and recording
  • Real-time parameter selection
  • Continous QA/QC
  • Cable-less crossings (roads, rivers, etc.)
  • Increased operation efficiency (less days on ground)
  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Greatly reduces agricultural damages
  • Increased field flexibility (farmers planting/harvesting, no permits)
  • Less HSE exposure

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