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Next Generation Vibroseis Systems

Bay has a fleet of  INOVA’s newest vibrator, the UNIVIB.  The UNIVIB is designed for source operations in environmentally restricted or heavily urbanized areas, generating lower ground pressure while still outputting frequencies down to 1 Hz and 26,000 lbs of force.  The smaller size offers greater mobility in environmentally sensitive areas and reduces agricultural impact as the UNIVIB can navigate more freely through natural and man-made surroundings than larger vibrators.

In addition to the fleet of UNIVIBs, Bay maintains a fleet of IVI ENVIROVIBEs.  Like the UNIVIB, the ENVIROVIBE specializes in environmentally restricted areas with reduced permitting costs and reduced agricultural impact.  The advanced system offers 3,000 more force lbs than the MINIVIB II and features high fidelity and broad bandwidth, low source generated ground pressure and sound limiting systems.  Outfitted with the “Terra” tires, the ENVIROVIBES can access saturated fields without leaving ruts.

Both of Bay’s  UNIVIB and ENVIROVIBE fleets represent the superior vibroseis choice for environmentally sensitive, high resolution surveys.


  • Smaller size and carbon footprint without reduction in energy source
  • Optimized for environmentally/culturally restricted and populated areas
  • Reduced agricultural impact by more than 30%
  • Increased force, bandwidth output
  • Improved low frequency performance and signal to noise ratio
  • Low source generated ground pressure reduces environmental impact
  • Quieter with new sound limiting systems
  • Keeps source non-intrusive


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