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August 2013

Bay’s 3rd seismic acquisition crew was activated this month with a new INOVA UNIVIB vibroseis system.  With the activation of a 3rd full-time seismic acquisition crew, Bay continues to expand its operations to expeditiously accommodate the needs of its clients while maintaining a superior product.  All of Bay’s seismic crews offer both shothole and vibroseis services and are optimized for high channel count surveys.

July 2013

Bay continues to expand its operations and accepted delivery of two INOVA UNiVIB vibroseis systems.  Additionally, Bay is on track to activate its 3rd seismic acquisition crew this month.  Bay President Lee Kurtzweil stated “due to client demand for our services, we have expanded our crew count to expedite our client’s acquistion programs”.  Bay continues to seek ways to expeditiously deliver a superior product to its clients.

June 2013

Recently, Bay has brought aboard noted professionals to expand Bay’s service.

Greg Southworth, Field Crew Manager with over 30 years experience.

Michael Mallory, Instrument Supervisor/Observer with over 30 years experience in acquisition and seismic instrumentation.

Charles Day, Surveyor/Permit Agent, an experienced seismic surveyor, permit agent and landman.

Bay feels fortunate to be able to bring such knowledgeable personnel on board.


May 2013

Bay took part in the AAPG 2013 Annual Convention & Exhibition in Pittsburgh.  Bay President Lee Kurtzweil stated “Bay would like to thank the attendees who stopped by our booth.  Booth traffic was elevated over years past and we were impressed with both the expertise and insight of the geoscience professional who stopped by our booth.”.

AAPG 2013 resize

Bay Senior Geophysicist Phil Van Hollebeke stated “Currently the industry is expanding high resolution 3-D seismic reflection surveys to identify their targets and structure more precisely.  Specifically, in addition to interpretation, high resolution 3-D seismic reflection assists in the ability to identify optimal drill paths for directional drilling technologies.”.


January 2013

Bay doubled the number of Wireless Seismic acquisition channels to enhance and increase efficiency for acquiring 3-D seismic grids.

wireless 020resized

Bay Field Manager Jim Mattison stated “Unlike other cable-less acquisition systems tested, the Wireless Seismic RT-2 was the only acquisition system tested with reliable long distance real-time data recovery.  The RT-2 continues to provide outstanding performance in the field.”.

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