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2012 News

December 2012

Bay performed a comparison test between its new real-time and cable-less Wireless Seismic RT-2 and its ARAM Aries II acquisition systems.  A 2-D seismic line was acquired with both systems using identical survey and recording parameters.  The comparison test yielded identical data results for both systems.  This demonstrates that acquiring seismic data wirelessly yields the highest possible data quality with a smaller environmental footprint while increasing operation efficiency.  Read More

Wireless Seismic System RT System 2

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ARAM Aries II Cable System

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October 2012

Bay expands operations and activates its Wireless Seismic acquisition crew.  With the Wireless Seismic RT-2 system, cable-free real-time monitoring and recording is possible, greatly increasing operation efficiency while maintaining continuous QA/QC.  Read More

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